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Bathmate Hydromax 7 Wide Boy Penis Pump - Clear


Hydromax 7 Wide Boy Penis Pump by Bathmate, clear

The length alone does not matter.

If you have a girth of above 6.5 inches, the Hydromax7 Wide Boy is the ideal penile pump for you, opening up genuine gains for extraordinarily girthy users (in circumference). This Hydromax model creates real, long-lasting changes for both novice and seasoned users by increasing penis size, erection power, and general confidence.

The Bathmate Hydromax7 Wide Boy is designed for unusually large penises and is a great option whether you’ve upgraded from one of our smaller penis pumps or are just naturally blessed. It can assist users with a girth of up to 6.5 inches.

The pump can accommodate erections up to 7 inches long, but our Bathmate Hydromax range can handle users of all sizes.

The Hydromax7 Wide Boy, the most recent addition to the most widely used line of penis pumps in the world, is an extended version of our best-selling item that caters to people who are too wide for other Bathmate penis pumps.

Our Hydromax series, which adds an amazing 35% more power than our original penis pump models, was created from the ground up to create an advanced level of performance. All Hydromax devices come with extra safety features in addition to the power increases, making penile enlargement simpler for everyone.

The Hydromax7 Wide Boy is an incredibly straightforward penile pump that produces real results in only a few simple steps.

For three 5-minute periods, seal the pump against your body after filling it with warm water. With consistent use, you’ll notice a significant improvement; our Hydromax series has an astounding 92% satisfaction rate. BENEFITS • Better erections and sexual stamina; proven, long-lasting increases to penile length and girth; 92% of customers are entirely delighted.

DESCRIPTION: Super-flow Latch Valve; Fits sizes 5 to 7″ (13 to 18cm); Certified Skin-safe FAQ's

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