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SNFFR XTRM Poppers Cap - Double Large (Black)


XTRM Poppers Cap by SNFFR – Double Large (Black)

Double Large poppers cap, SNFFR. Cap for XTRM Double Large poppers. quicker results, nearly immediate boost… Screwing the XTRM Double cap onto your extra-tough poppers will enable you to achieve the maximum kick. In actuality, the bottle’s original cap is substituted with this one. You can take two simultaneous breaths by inhaling through the two openings on your popper. Large poppers measuring 24ml are compatible with this SNFFR Double cap. With the SNFFR Double inhaler cap, you can draw in more vapour because these poppers sizes frequently have wider apertures. This product, which is made in Europe by SNFFR, is particularly well-liked since it gives off a bigger buzz. The word “sniff” acquires a whole new meaning. FAQ's

Poppers are a liquid chemical substance that includes various alkyl nitrites within. They come in a small bottle with an air-tight lid to make them last.

All items are packed securely and safely to ensure that they arrive at your door in good working order.

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In many countries poppers are frowned upon for personal use, so they are sold for some of the other purposes that they can be used instead. It’s true that you can use the chemicals for either of those purposes, though that’s not why most people make the purchase.


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