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SNFFR XTRM Poppers Cap - Twin (Red)


Twin SNFFR XTRM Poppers Cap (Red)

the XTRM Twin 2-in-1 cap! Have you ever wanted to use two poppers simultaneously? With the XTRM Twin 2-in-1 hat, it’s time to realise your goal. All lovers of the glass bottle need this item. Screw the vials on either side of the double sniffer after removing the caps from two poppers. Two poppers, two times the speed! With really potent poppers, the effects are much more noticeable right away.


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With these new SNFFR, you may taste two different flavours in addition to screwing on two bottles simultaneously—this is pure crazy. Left Amyl, right Pentyl, or Rush, and Amsterdam FAQ's

Poppers are a liquid chemical substance that includes various alkyl nitrites within. They come in a small bottle with an air-tight lid to make them last.

All items are packed securely and safely to ensure that they arrive at your door in good working order.

Flat rate of $12 on all orders, unless your order is more than $100 in which case delivery is free.

In many countries poppers are frowned upon for personal use, so they are sold for some of the other purposes that they can be used instead. It’s true that you can use the chemicals for either of those purposes, though that’s not why most people make the purchase.


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